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Basic Life Support Instructor

AHA BLS Instructor Training Prerequisites and Course Details

The following information outlines course prerequisites, required skill proficiencies, required course materials, how to prepare for the class, and what you need to do to be awarded Instructor status.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Current AHA BLS for Healthcare Providerscourse completion card
  • Completion of the AHA BLS Instructor Essentials online course, access will be made available to instructor candidates upon enrollment)
  • Exemplary BLS Healthcare Provider skills and Heartsaver CPR and first aid skills
  • Ability to pass the BLS instructor exam and the Heartsaver CPR and first aid instructor exam
  • Alignment with an AHA Training Center: students must speak with an AHA Training Center Coordinator and get their alignment approved before attending their Instructor Course.

Course Monitoring:

A Training Center Faculty must monitor instructor candidates teaching an actual BLS class before receiving an instructor card. Candidates must Teach a BLS Course within 6 months of their instructor course. If the candidate does not complete the course monitoring within 6 months of completing the instructor training, the instructor course must be taken again.

AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers Instructor Package 90-1037 includes all the items needed to teach Health Care Provider Class. If instructors wish to conduct Heartsaver programs the following materials are required for teaching: Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED Instructor Manual 90-1029, Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED DVD set 90-1028, Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED Student Manual 90-1026 (the Heartsaver Student Manual is highly recommended to prepare for the BLS Instructor Training).

Required Skill Proficiencies (must be correctly demonstrated at the start of the Instructor course)

  • Rescuer adult CPR (BLS Course)
  • 2 rescuer adult CPR with AED (BLS Course)
  • 1 rescuer infant CPR (BLS Course)
  • 2 rescuer infant CPR (BLS Course)
  • Lay rescuer adult CPR (Heartsaver CPR)
  • Glove removal (Heartsaver CPR)
  • Finding the Problem (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Epi-Pen administration (Heartsaver First Aid)
  • Control of severe bleeding (Heartsaver First Aid)

How to Prepare for the AHA BLS Instructor Course

  • Complete the AHA BLS Instructor Essentials course and print out the completion certificate to bring to your instructor training session (you must have this certificate submitted to CPR Seattle in order to attend the instructor training session.). Allow at least two hours to complete this course.
  • Practice your skills!The BLS Instructor Manual contains a skill check-off sheet (pages 23-25) that you will use to evaluate your own students. Skills are explained step by step.

Post Instructor Training Requirements & AHA Training Center Alignment

  • Instructors are required to join the AHA Instructor Network.

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