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Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor Course

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor Course

The purpose of an ACLS Instructor Course is to develop proficiency in teaching, organizing, coordinating and conducting an ACLS Provider Course. ACLS Instructors must have a firm working knowledge and understanding of the ACLS material. They are also expected to demonstrate in-depth detailed knowledge of current emergency cardiac care. Participants learn to design a provider course to meet the needs of a specific student population. Currently accepted principles of adult learning, the ability to sequence instruction, the use of interactive teaching strategies and evaluation of student learning and progress are essential facets of this course.

Course Length: Approximately 8 hours

Student Teaching::

Course participants will be required to conduct an AHA ACLS Course after successful completion of the AHA ACLS Instructor Course. This AHA ACLS course must be approved and sponsored by SECTC. An SECTC TC Faculty will monitor the student teacher. After successful evaluation the student teacher will be provided with a course completion card and two year certification as an AHA ACLS Instructor.


The following documentation must be completed and submitted prior to the start of class for all students:

  • Have current Provider status in the discipline they wish to teach and submit documentation of same.
  • Have completed the AHA ACLS Instructor Essentials and Updates Courses online and submit documentation of same.

Visit www.onlineaha.org for further details on the AHA ACLS Instructor Essentials and Updates Courses.

Once payment has been remitted to the business office (online or in-person) an AHA ACLS Instructor Course Manual will be available for pick up at our business office during normal business hours. This manual can be referenced for the online AHA ACLS Instructor Updates Course.

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